Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter tips

So, I'm back. i have one bad message. My reaview for nail polish from Gabriela Salvete, Enamel, is away. I don´t know how wrong, but is deleted, so I will write again... Out is snowing!!! I love it. O can't say, that winter is my favorite year season, I like every seasons same, cause I think, that on every season is something special. That's what I love. Today I want to give you some tips what to do in winter:

1. You can go out. Skiing at mountains, if you are/ will be at mountains, sledding at your garden at home or in park, better with friend, sister or someone another...Or you could just go to walk. It's fantastic, because it good for you and for your body, feeling mood...for everything.

2. You can make tea and some cookies or something like this, take some book, go to bed and read. It's fantastic, out is cold, windy, snowing and you siting in your bed in hot and reading, drinking tea and eating sweets...

3. Drawing, music or another hobby, do you have some of that's hobby? It's best time, to care about that, training and make yourself better in that hobby.

4. Cooking - it's best time to learn something new to cook, maybe some recipe from another country, some exotic recipe...Or you can find/make your own food?(for example some coctail, drink...)

You will find recipes there:
                      and more on google there

Ok, I think that's all for today for that text, If some another idea attack me, I will write it there.... Bye, Megan

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  1. Super tipy! Já moc ráda vařím v zimě, třeba si dělám punč a tak :)