Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hi, so I´m finally back :D. Today we were with my friend at the Christmas markets. It was very big crowd here, so we stay there just about half of a hour. After visiting Sparkys we ended in a shopping centre in McDonalds. I had clasically nuggets, french fries and coke :D. After McDonalds we wet to buy some books to the Luxor bookshop. I bought just The Hunger Games, so I hope it will be good. Probably I will read it on Christmas Holiday, but the second variant is, that I will jump on it today :D.Then I just wnt to buy some things for my mum.At least it´s sometimes a little bit snowing here...But it could be better :DD.

My new signeture for blog:                  
Maybe I will correct it a little bit again and make the Megan signature bigger.                            

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