Thursday, February 14, 2013

Labello: You must have one!

Labello is I think the most famous make of lip care - balsam. I love it. There are so much kinds, but the most famous is "Classic care".
Now I have at home just "Soft Rosé" and I love it, but I want to buy also "Strawberry" and "Natural". Before I had also "Pearly Shine" and "Angel Star".
It´s helping your lips and it look good. All what you need.
Here you can visit  - the official internetional page of Labello.
The Labello "Strawberry" should look that will make your lips so red, but I won´t. Just a little bit and it looks nice... I don´t know how about the "Cherry" or "Pomegranate", cause I haven´t try it, but I think it will also not be bad.

Source of images: Google

That´s all, enjoy Labello <3 <3 and have nic day :). Megan.

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  1. Moc pěkný článek... Moc se mě líbí jak ty články píšeš jednoduše, že je pochopím a dokážu si přeložit i já.. Možná čekáš že komentáře budou v angličtině, ale na to já jsem moc blbá :/ :DD