Wednesday, August 22, 2012

After a Break-up

Today I will write some tips, how to get to normal after a break-up with a boyfriend.
First just realize, that if he is the right one, he would stay with you. Or he come back after some time,  but that happens only seldom, and when it´s happen, also after some times they break up again. Often people say, that to get together with your ex is like to read book again and think, that it will ends differend. But it doesn´t has to be like that. But really do not try to get him back power merm. If he want you back, he must show his love to you, if he broke-up with you. And if he does, it´s only on you if you will go back to him. I you broke-up with him and you think it was a mistake, don ´t write to him now and don ´t say him anything. Wait some weeks and if you will stil have him in head and you can´t stop thinking about him, try to imagine, how it will be if you are together. Will you be truly happy? Or you more want to be with someone other? If you will be happy, then try to carefully write him or say to him, that you made a mistake and you can´t stop think about him. Tell him that you like him a lot/love him. Sure you can do somethin different to get him back. But really don´t do this, if you are sure, that he don´t wants you. You must know, that he also could say no.
If you don´t want him or he broke your heart and you need to get to normal or put him out of your head, then put all his photos out of you room. Also you can put away presents from him, but don´t put them away forever. Just hide them somewhere.
Just realize, that your time with him in an ended capitol in your life. That normally wrongs, that people geting together and then they broke-up.
Go out with you friends, pamper yourself and try to forget him. First you will say " I can´t do it." But after some times you will can.
Soon you will find out, that´s not so terrible to be single. You can free flirt with other boys. But I really don´t recommend to try to find some other boyfriend first day after break-up. Also don´t go to relationship with a boy, if you are not sure, that you really like him.
If you have some other tips, that maybe hepled you, don´t hestitate and write them down to coments! Sure I will read them, how you deal with break-up. Maybe they will help me in future! :)

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Yours Megan

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