Monday, August 20, 2012

Bioderma Sensibio H2o

Hi, today I have review for innovation from Bioderma.

This innovation is super. It´s my favourite. But I will not write much here, I will write pluses and minuses. It´s for sensitive skin.

  +Super cleaning
  +You can alsow use it like a make-up remover
  +You have one bottle for long time.
  +It exist also a little bottle.
  +After ceaning you skin don´t feels irritated
  +After cleaning you don´t musst to wash you skin by water
  +It don´t irritate eyes

 -The big bottle is maybe not so good for traveling, but I´m taking it alsow. But bether is the little.

Big bottle 500ml: 21,70 Euro
Little bottle 250ml: 14,49 Euro

You could buy it only in pharmacy.

That´s all, Megan.

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