Saturday, January 12, 2013

Photo-vision board

Hi, so back here :))
I want to write some articles about decorations, and there we have the first one. Today I will write about a photo-vision board.
It´s totally super thing, in fact you will stick to your wall many photos, from vacation, wiith friends, with family, pet, with your boyfriend...Until will arise big group of photos.
Long and boring is to accumulate and stick all the photos. Print photos of different sizes, but mainly smaller, so that all photos pass in.

Which photos?

  • With friends
  • With family
  • With you boyfriend
  • With pet
  • From vacation (You could ask people, which were with you at the vacation, maybe they have some photos from the vacation, so they can give you)
  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Hobbys
Then you can add some titles and all you will think off. Good luck :).
Don´t forget, that there could enter some visitors, so that some photos can act no so good....
So that´s all, I think it´s really good idea, so I hope you like it. Thank for reading article.

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