Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just your afternoon

Hi, I´m back and I have for you amazing tip, how to spend one free afternoon. I hope it will be useful.

1. Go for a walk. It´s nice winter, so put on hat, sweater, jacket, scarf, gloves....And go out. I could be just half of a hour. It´s good like for your body than for your mind. Clear all thinking about problems and just concentrate to beautiful winter nature.

2. When you will come back home, have a bath. Prepare a little home spa. Turn on music, fill bath with hot water, lot of smelling foam or just esencial oil. You could also have some pretty bath supplements - foam hearts, oil marble for bath...Relax in bath for 15-20 minutes.

3. After bath you could have a short shower with peeling - a little massage for your body.

4. Then give a care to your body with body milk and to your face with face cream.

5. Now, the really perfect idea - make a latte with whipped cream and take biscuit,chocolate,  tiramissu, panacotta or another sweet. Just what you have at home and what you like.

6. Then go to bed and read some book or magazines or watch some movie or serial in your computer or in television.

I hope you enjoyed your perfect afternoon and I hope you like this tip.

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  1. Ahoj, nebude mi vadit když budeš psát v angličtině a affs zůstaneme :) A mimochodem dobrý tipy :)))