Sunday, March 24, 2013


Author: Andrea Cremer

The world in this book is totally fascinating. Young teenager Calla is not normal girl. She is wolf. In moth, she has to get married with Ren Laroche and by this they will be new leaders of new connected pack. Now, Calla is in pack Nightshades of her father, Stephen Tor, which belongs to Lumine Nightshades. Ren is in pack Banes of his father, Emile Laroche, which belongs to Efron Bane. When those two packs will connect, it will arise new pack, Haldis, belonging to son of Efron Bane, Logan. But it´s incredible, how just one person could destroy all those plans. When Calla  rescue young new student Shay from hands of big Bear and he finds out all secret things about Calla´s world, he start to find informations how everything arise... It is all, what Calla know from childhood right? Is the world, where she lives the right one?

                        Part 1

                        Part 2

                         Part 3

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