Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Biggest Trend Spring&Summer 2013: Neon

Neon: those colours are everywhere.On every fashion show about Spring & Summer 2013 are lighting dresses, t-shirts, shorts...
Very nice is, to combinate about one or two pieces with neon colour and then non-lighting colours. That should look pretty and not excessive.
Surely, some pieces of neon colours don´t have to miss in your wardrobe...

Source of pictures: Google


  1. I love neons :3 I think they're better than pastels -_-
    And nice pictures :)

  2. Ahoj Megan! :)) Máš u mňa odmenu :)
    Chloé z frenchstyle.blog.cz

  3. Moc pěkný článek.. Zdá se mi, že článek od článku máš větší slovní zásobu.. Tákže chvála pro tebe :)