Sunday, August 19, 2012

Really you need to have make-up every day?

Hi, I´m  back. Today I will write about that, if you really need make-up every day. If you are in group of girls, that put on everyday a big layer of make-up and fat black eyeliners aroun dyou eyes, this article is mainly for you.
If you will rouge yourself everyday, soon people around you will get used to you in make-up. And when you will come without it, they will think that you are ugly.
If you are around 13 years old, it don´t have any reason why to rouge everyday. best is, to rouge for some special opportunities and sometimes maybe to school, and to prefer mainly netire make-up, that will only underline your beauty. Sometimes you could try something mroe extravaganty.
If you are really not a queen of beauty, them your beauty is inside of you. outside you are maybe not most beautiful, but then inside yes. Or s compromis between that could be. So stop rouge  everyday, and show your self to world how nature made you, because she gave to everyone something beautiful.

That´s all, your Megan.


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  1. Jo, znám lidi kteří by se podle toho mohli řídit...ale jinak moc pěkný článek :)